Accommodation Tofino

There are many hotels, b&b,s cabins and vacation rental accommodations to choose from here in Tofino, British Colombia. There are benefits to all and we can help you find what you are looking for. Do you want ocean view, privacy, large accommodation or are looking for restaurants on site, spa and room service. B&B’s often offer privacy with a great price for couples. Often B&B’s have additional suites. Vacation Rentals are great for groups or pairs of couple wanting nice ocean view and larger space. Resorts here often have restaurants on site, though not all do. Tofino is a very small town so the good news is that restaurants are never far away.

You will also want to consider how important it is to be close to the beach. Many places are on the beach, however this costs more. The cost can be worth the difference if you like to go and walk on the beach as soon as you wake up and Tofino is a place where nature surrounds you and leaves you feeling full of awe.

You will want to also schedule in tours such as whale watching, kayaking, hot springs, hiking and exploring the many beaches on the coast.


whale-tofinoThere is so much to do, experience and see in Tofino, British Colombia!

Tofino festivals and events include, world renowned, March’s Pacific Rim Whale Festival, November’s Tofino Oyster Festival, May’s Shore Bird Festival, and June’s Tofino Food & Wine Festival. June 21st is Canada’s Aboriginal Day. All the festivities in Tofino include native songs, dances, storytelling and arts’ and crafts’ demonstrations.

Take part in Tofino’s whale watching in March as about 25,000 grey whales pass through Clayoquot Sound en route from Baja to Alaska. Check out the Tofino Whale Center to learn more about the grey whales and local artifacts. This is a free attraction. For hours of operation go to this website.

In April and May, hundreds of thousands of shorebirds stop to feed on Clayoquot Sounds’ nourishing mudflats and sandy beaches before they migrate with the whales northward. Visit Tofino’s first church, dating back to 1913, still stands today on Second Street and Main. Don’t forget the fishing from either Tofino or Ucluelet, surfing and hiking adventures.

Backed by the Vancouver Island Range and facing the Pacific Ocean is The Pacific Rim National Park Reserve of Canada. This is another place to experience the rich natural and cultural heritage of Canada’s west coast. This rainforest produces bountiful and diverse intertidal and sub tidal areas.


Tofino’s weather might not be what you would expect. The sea dictates Tofino’s temperatures. This area is a lush rainforest. Tofino rainfall averages 400mm/16in of rainfall monthly. Summer is warm and relatively dry, averaging 120mm/4.7in of rain monthly. Daily temperatures during the warmest months rarely exceed 20°C/68°F. Nor do they drop below 1.5°C/35°F in the coldest. Choosing the right clothing is key.