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Hostels in Tofino


A hostel is a great accommodation option for the budget-savvy traveler. Luckily, Tofino draws plenty of the young backpacker types, meaning there are a couple of hostels available to stay at! With private rooms and dorms, you can choose the type of hostel experience you’d like, and keep your wallet a bit happier. For those that don’t want to pitch a tent, but don’t want the cost of Tofino’s other accommodation options, a hostel is the way to do it.

Why choose a hostel? For one, it is often the cheapest way to score a bed, especially during the summer season. You’ll also meet plenty of other outgoing travelers. So, if you’re a single traveler, it’s a great way to find some adventure buddies for your time on the coast! Happy to have a cheap bed, but not too happy to be buying every meal at a pricy restaurant? Hostels help with that too – they typically have a kitchen and even a BBQ so that you can load up at the Co-Op and cook meals back at the hostel! It’s a great way to save even more money during your trip. Plus, nothing makes friends better than cooking a meal together. On rainy days or after surfing, it’s also nice to have a place to come back to with cozy couches that’s part of a household, rather than in an isolated hotel room. Hostels often have a common area that is welcoming, relaxing and is a great place to hang out after a day of exploring.

However, hostels aren’t always for everyone, and it takes a certain kind of traveler to really enjoy the experience. Bunk beds and base-rate amenities are standard fare, so anyone expecting extra fluffy pillows and big robes are in for a shock. They typically host a younger crowd, too, so a casual game of beer pong in the common room is a typical sight. For anyone looking to have a private escape a hostel, which is a very social experience, also might not be the right choice. Unless, of course, you go the private room option.

While the word “hostel” used to create images of shoddy bunk beds, dirty backpackers and no sleep, the hostels of today can be a completely different experience. The ones in Tofino, especially, have stunning ocean views and are a short stroll into the charming town. All in all, they’re a step up from a mat on the ground for many, and are a great solution to the high cost of accommodation in Tofino.


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Vacation Rentals in Tofino


Perhaps the number one accommodation choice in Tofino is the vacation rental – a huge market this day and age thanks to sites like Airbnb and VRBO. What’s all the hype about over this type of accommodation? Check out the list below to find out.

More Choices

Downtown, oceanfront, ritzy, cozy, interactive, private… There are so many options, and so many combinations of those options available in a vacation rental. You can truly pick and choose based on your desires and book the perfect home that caters to your type of vacation.

Your Home Away From Home

Rather than a stuffy hotel room with weird décor and a lobby area that no one really sits in, you can have a master bedroom with an ensuite, paired with a comfortable living room you actually want to sit in and enjoy. It truly is your home away from home.


Speaking of home, another main feature for vacation rentals is the opportunity to cook! Depending on the place you choose, you could have a fully stocked kitchen, meaning you can cook all your favourite meals when you’re tired of eating at restaurants. Not to mention, you’ll have a fridge for restaurant leftovers when you do go out.




Depending on what you choose, a vacation rental can be cheaper than a hotel, or cost the same, but provide way more value for your dollar. While there can be some hidden fees like processing fees and cleaning fees, it usually works out to be a better bet for your wallet. Plus, if you do have a kitchen, you’ll be saving money on food.

Choose your Amenities

You’re in control of what makes the perfect vacation home. If you want heated floors, find that. If you want a balcony, you can have it. Dishwasher? Washing machine and drier? Check and check.

Pick your Dream

Always wanted a swanky loft? Live in it for the weekend! What about that dream home with the big picture windows and ocean view? Vacation rentals let you have that home and life you’ve always wanted, without feeling out of place, or like you’re intruding.

More Relaxing

After a big adventure, it can be exhausting to navigate the lobby, wait for the elevator and try to relax in your room, which is also your living room, kitchen and bathroom. Putting your feet up in your own living room next to the fire where no one will be walking by bumping you with luggage, and the constant ringing of the elevator is heaven.

Interactive or Not

Some home owners prefer to walk you in, introduce themselves, show you around and give you all the tips and hints they have about the town. Others just give you a door code and hope you read the welcome manual printed out on the coffee table. For social travelers, the host that wants to show you everything and be your latest friend is perfect. If you want a romantic, secluded escape, or a chance to refresh and recharge alone then the owner that lives somewhere else and is available by messenger if you need them is perfect. Your experience can be what you want.


So, there it is, some of the reasons why vacation rentals are becoming a favourite choice when it comes to accommodation. Wanting to find a dream vacation rental of your own? Check out You can also check out for more options!



Hotels in Tofino


As far as accommodation goes in Tofino, a hotel is the middle of the line. There are plenty of options, from 5-star to a modest 3, but all offer a great place to rest your head after a day of west coast adventuring.

A number of Tofino’s 3-star hotels still offer five-star views, and are often accompanied by an onsite restaurant and all the basic amenities you need to enjoy a great rest, and fantastic vacation. In fact, some of Tofino’s newer, more up to date hotels are 3-star rated. They’ll be more affordable than the ritzy spots, and still give you that “vacation” experience. Sometimes, all you need are your basics and a comfortable bed to rest your head.

The 4-star hotels definitely step up the game and you’ll be immersed in west coast luxury. Often with beach front and add-ons like private hot tubs and ocean view patios, the four-star options give you that extra little bit of pampering that goes along with vacation mentality. They’ve got that kick that makes that extra cost worth the payout.

Finally, Tofino is home to a fantastic five-star resort and it is the epitome of luxury in nature. With a restaurant that has stars to match, and an unstoppable view, plus an on-site spa, it is a place to take full advantage of and to either go big, or go home during your stay. For an ultimate experience doused in luxury and comfort, five-star is the way to go.


If you want a luxurious experience that goes beyond your standard 3-star time, consider coming to Tofino for the winter off-season. While gaining in popularity with the tourist crowd, winter in Tofino is still relatively quiet, driving down accommodation prices. Not only can you stay somewhere a bit beyond your budget for fairly cheap, but you’ll basically have the place to yourself. Surfers love the winter waves, and on the stormiest of days, you’re in for a show. In fact, winter storm watching is considered one of the top things to do in Tofino and Ucluelet, but you have to wait for winter to enjoy it!

Depending on your needs and budget, there’s definitely a hotel within reach in Tofino. Scattered along the beaches, inviting you in from the long winding road, or right in town overlooking the harbour, there are endless options.


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