Hostels in Tofino


A hostel is a great accommodation option for the budget-savvy traveler. Luckily, Tofino draws plenty of the young backpacker types, meaning there are a couple of hostels available to stay at! With private rooms and dorms, you can choose the type of hostel experience you’d like, and keep your wallet a bit happier. For those that don’t want to pitch a tent, but don’t want the cost of Tofino’s other accommodation options, a hostel is the way to do it.

Why choose a hostel? For one, it is often the cheapest way to score a bed, especially during the summer season. You’ll also meet plenty of other outgoing travelers. So, if you’re a single traveler, it’s a great way to find some adventure buddies for your time on the coast! Happy to have a cheap bed, but not too happy to be buying every meal at a pricy restaurant? Hostels help with that too – they typically have a kitchen and even a BBQ so that you can load up at the Co-Op and cook meals back at the hostel! It’s a great way to save even more money during your trip. Plus, nothing makes friends better than cooking a meal together. On rainy days or after surfing, it’s also nice to have a place to come back to with cozy couches that’s part of a household, rather than in an isolated hotel room. Hostels often have a common area that is welcoming, relaxing and is a great place to hang out after a day of exploring.

However, hostels aren’t always for everyone, and it takes a certain kind of traveler to really enjoy the experience. Bunk beds and base-rate amenities are standard fare, so anyone expecting extra fluffy pillows and big robes are in for a shock. They typically host a younger crowd, too, so a casual game of beer pong in the common room is a typical sight. For anyone looking to have a private escape a hostel, which is a very social experience, also might not be the right choice. Unless, of course, you go the private room option.

While the word “hostel” used to create images of shoddy bunk beds, dirty backpackers and no sleep, the hostels of today can be a completely different experience. The ones in Tofino, especially, have stunning ocean views and are a short stroll into the charming town. All in all, they’re a step up from a mat on the ground for many, and are a great solution to the high cost of accommodation in Tofino.


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