Resorts in Tofino

Staying at a resort in Tofino is an awesome option for families, or those that want a more upscale, yet sociable experience. There are a number of places to choose from that range between three and four stars, each with beautiful beach access and a number of different styles of accommodation. That way, you can help make sure that a resort experience still fits your budget.

Choose from private cabins, to lodge-style accommodation. Select a suite with a private balcony and ocean view, or rainforest shelter and privacy. Some resorts boast beautiful hot tubs and lovely common spaces, while others let you indulge in your own jetted tub. Dinner can be as easy as popping down to the onsite restaurant, which often has five star views and fantastic, fresh food. Seafood especially is a must while on the coast. Most of Tofino’s resorts allow you to walk straight onto the beach, with some cabins even directly in front of it, or on it. This lets you truly experience the west coast, while falling asleep to the relaxing sound of crashing waves.

While a resort can be a bit more on the expensive end, especially during the peak summer season, it’s a great way to cover all your amenities, plus enjoy a step up from something like a motel or hotel. The resorts on the coast are stunning in décor, comfortable and offer everything you could want from the west coast – even things like surf lessons, rentals and other activities. Thanks to their beach proximity, Tofino’s resorts are also a great choice for the off-season! With cheaper prices, but that same five-star view, you can sit back in comfort while watching those massive, winter waves roll in. It’s the best combination of secluded, yet social on the coast. Plus, you’ll be able to forget that you’re visiting a popular tourist town, just by disappearing onto the stretches of beach, or stunning coastal rainforest.

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